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Dear Fellow Accountants, Bookkeepers and Coaches,

Discover how top accountants, bookkeepers, and coaches around the globe are beating out the day-to-day cash flow struggle to be profitable by adopting a new way of doing business. This system will explode your profits starting with your very next bank deposit. That’s right, things can change in your business starting with your next bank run. If you’re spending time frustrated in your business just waiting for your impending financial heart attack to strike, there’s a much better way. (Much better!) It’s time you launched a simple, effective way to quadruple (or even better) your profits and begin seeing real, true results on demand. Here is the most revolutionary program on the market for transforming the way accountants, bookkeepers, and coaches are getting MORE PROFIT NOW. Friend, it’s called the Profit First Quick Start Rocket Launch that I’ve personally created, for you. “You’ve been lied to.” See, the problem isn’t that you lack business acumen. No, not at all. The real problem is that someone somewhere in your career told you a lie. Someone convinced you that the popular profit myth, Sales – Expenses = Profit, was the correct way to run a business. After all, the “bottom line” is profit, right? I can’t speak for you, but all of the most important things in my life are at the top of my list. I wouldn’t put my family “at the bottom.” Or my health. And definitely not the profitability of my company. You shouldn’t either. The Profit First Quick Start Rocket Launch gives you the right way to see money in your business, putting profit first, just like it should be.

Yes, I want to Drive profitability now!

When you launch your Profit First System, you will:

  • Erase all of your debts (even if you have a load of unpaid liabilities) while taking a profit from day one
  • Multiply profits when you put into place the system top accountants, bookkeepers, and coaches are using to make the real money. Remember, your family doesn’t come last, nor with your profit ever come last again.
  • Instantly accelerate profits with the “Ideal Client Cloning Methodology.”
  • Implement the simple four-step system, applicable in any industry, to guarantee maximum and predictable profit growth in your business.
  • Tap into the little-known strategies successful accountants, bookkeepers, and coaches do to leverage their bank accounts and increase profits (discover the exact allocation of money for paramount results)
  • Get outside the numbers and create a business around your life instead of a life around your business
  • Avoid like the plague, the biggest financial impulse that entrepreneurs have that leads to financial ruin (we are all guilty of this at some point or another)
  • Finally have an easy to use program that ensures profitability and that you’ll stick to because it works with your natural instincts. Never again live under the artificial requirements of accounting.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You’re not getting a bunch of “should do – could do” mumbo jumbo that will sit on your desk and never really do a thing for you. You will use the “tools” to put cash in your pocket, immediately. It’s the real deal, my friend.

Prove it, you say? Here’s what members of the Profit First family shared about the program:

“I just deposited $XX,XXX.XX (removed for privacy) into my personal accounts for my quarterly profit distribution. Thank you, Michael and Ron. I’m pretty excited and thought I would share with you. Michael, your writing of Profit First saved my business. I’m saving and thriving. I will text you from Aruba when I arrive next week.”


“Profit First has been a paradigm shift for businessman who after 24 years into business, never understood that it’s profit first that matters. I thought profit was a lucky result of years and years of just getting by. Now I understand that profit is designed, from the foundation, into my company. My words of appreciation will never be enough. Thank you from the bottom of my heart (and wallet).”


Yes, I want to Drive profitability now!

Now, you absolutely don’t need me to make more profit. You can go it alone. You can continue to do it how you have been, because it has gotten you here. But, are you happy where you are? You’ve had access to all the traditional accounting tools since the beginning. How is that serving you? If it’s not serving you today, well then there’s a name for that…it’s called being a human being. The challenge you are facing is of epidemic proportions. You are not flawed. The system is flawed.


You can use a system which I have designed specifically for accountants, bookkeepers, and coaches (you know, human beings) ready to jumpstart their business by putting the Profit First formula into action. The Profit First Quick Start Rocket Launch makes it quick and easy to turn a profit in your company starting now and destroy debt for good, making your business permanently profitable. It’s groundbreaking. It’s easy. It works. In addition to these life-changing profit hacks, here’s a sneak peak of exactly what you’re going to get…

Launch-Ready Modules
Start profiting right away with these video modules with me, jam-packed with action steps to start executing the Profit First formula effectively on the spot.

No Guesswork Instruction
There’s no fluff here. You dive right into the heart of the Profit First Formula and get down to business guiding you to profitability on day one. That’s right, I said day one.

Crazy Simple Blueprints
It’s all laid out and ready for the taking! You’ll gain fast traction with these ready-to-go blueprints.
What would a system that allows you to permanently eliminate financial frustration and realign your focus with profitability be worth to you? A system that allows you to spend more time with your family, have more money to do the things you love and finally end late nights working extra hours just trying to make ends meet? It’s difficult to put a price tag on a solution of that magnitude. And it’s not uncommon to have to pay a success fee or a percentage of growth for a solution of that magnitude. Until now. You’re here because you need a solution and since you’ve taken the first step to putting your business on the pathway to profitability. That’s why I’m offering you the Profit First Quick Start Rocket Launch for a one-time only investment of just $97. I suspect you might have 2 questions.
  • Why not just offer it for free? It’s plain and simple. If you do not invest in success, you will not experience success. You need to have some skin in the game.
  • What about your profit? (That’s what you teach, right?) My mission is to eradicate entrepreneurial poverty. And my next mission is to serve you. When both sides win, everyone wins. That’s why it’s 97 bucks. Are you with me?
But this offer won’t last long. By that, I mean that once you exit this page, this offer disappears. If you’re a business owner ready to fast track your Profit First System, instantly destroy debt, and drive profitability using my personal coaching to double, triple, and quadruple your profits, simply click on the order button now and let’s get started. Looking forward to seeing you on the other side of profitability.

Yes, I want to Drive profitability now!