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Leveraging Financial Literacy Awareness Month

Did you know April is Financial Literacy Awareness Month in the US? As declared by President Biden in 2021, the month of April is dedicated to helping educate the public on long-term financial success.

By mid-April, most Americans have handled their taxes and feel the need to be in better financial shape next time Tax Season comes around. This month has the potential to be the “new year” for financial professionals in the same way January impacts gyms.

Business owners have finished the first quarter of the year and may already feel some financial strain or confusion about their money. Where is the profit they had to pay taxes on? There sure isn’t any money in the bank! How are they supposed to pay themselves? Will they ever be able to hire?

Profit First Advisory services are an easy way to enhance business owners’ financial literacy and create stronger relationships with a loyal client base.

Sharing is Caring

The experience and knowledge that you have are so valuable and Literacy Awareness month is a great reason to look for opportunities to get more involved in your community, while sharing what you love. With that in mind, February and March are the perfect time to start planning and scheduling workshops, lunch and learns, or speaking engagements to increase financial literacy throughout April. Here are a few ideas to help get you started:

  • Partner up with other advisors to sponsor a lunch and learn or workshop.
  • Host a webinar or in-person seminar to teach the basics of business finance.
  • Present in your networking groups, chambers of commerce, or on podcasts to share how financial literacy can create a lasting impact.

Hopefully, these ideas help spark some excitement for how leveraging Financial Literacy Awareness Month can impact your business and deepen your impact in your community.

If you’d like to level up your advisory services to create long-term financial health for your clients regardless of the month, apply now to become a Profit First Professional.

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