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Kirk Bowman shares specific strategies to becoming a value based accounting practice. He gives a powerful way to get started and shows that you don’t just jump all of your clients over to value based pricing – you can do a slow transition; there’s a very specific starting point that will change get you on track of value based pricing immediately and forevermore. Welcome to Episode 43 of Grow My Accounting Practice!

Our Guest 

Kirk BowmanKirk Bowman is the founder of Art of Value, a value-pricing consultancy in Dallas, Texas, and a practicing fellow at VeraSage. He is the host of the Art of Value Show, a weekly podcast dedicated to exploring the business model of value pricing in professional services.

In 2009, Kirk switched MightyData, his software company, from hourly billing to value pricing. Revenue increased by 56% the first year and 79% the next. After experiencing the impact first hand, he started focusing on helping professionals and entrepreneurs make the same transformation.

Through the Art of Value Show, Kirk has interviewed several thought leaders from the accounting field, including Andrew Robertson, Adrian Simmons, Ed Kless, Barrett Young, Mark Wickersham, Greg Kyte, Steve Major, Josh Zweig, Dan Morris and Jason Blumer. In addition, he has interviewed international pricing experts Ron Baker, Tim Williams, Rags Srinivasan and Kevin Mitchell.

As a speaker, Kirk has presented to lawyers, accountants, creative professionals, marketers, and software developers. His recent sessions include the FileMaker Developer Conference, Pause On Error, VeraSage Symposium, Amplify Summit and WordCamp. He is currently writing his first book on pricing, which will be published in late 2016.

Kirk believes change for a professional firm requires three core components: theory, strategy and tactics. Through his consulting, courses and live events he helps professionals and their firms understand the theory, develop the strategy, and implement the tactics to increase the top line and maximize the bottom line.

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