Erin Moger: Profit First Guide – The Journey to Success With Profit First Professionals

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Erin Moger was the very first guide that Profit First Professionals hired. She came to the company in 2015, shortly after we started.

In this episode, Erin shares what inspired her to get into the accounting industry and what made her apply to work with Profit First Professionals.

She experienced and witnessed how difficult financial situations with her father, affect the family. With this, she came to realize that money is merely a tool. It should not dictate one’s happiness, where you are in life, or how you approach your future. If you have it, it’s a little easier, but it should not be dealt with as a huge thing.

Seeing the pattern she has growing up with the people now that she’s coaching, the most significant thing about her role is HUMANITY. Entrepreneurship is lonely and can be incredibly overwhelming. The reality as a business owner is that you have this love and hope for your business, but you also have these trials and tribulations. There are business decisions that can be heavy that nobody understands. Erin’s role is to advocate for the client’s success but also be a human, working with members and listening. There’s so much power in listening. “The world doesn’t need more noise. We need more meaningful connection and positive contribution.

With mindset and practice, people successfully gain skills they haven’t done in the past. According to Erin, the more that you engage and participate, the easier it becomes to communicate, and the more confidence you’re going to have in the results that you’re experiencing, which completely changes not only how you engage with your clients, but it engages how you charge moving forward and how you take your next step in your business.

She also shares an insider’s access of what type of practice guides do with the firms and shares a very inspiring transformational story of a member.

As for Erin, the number one indicator as to whether or not a firm is going to be a great Profit First Professionals firm is to SHOW UP. Guides are available, members have access to guides regularly, and the one that takes Profit First by storm are the ones who show up every season.

Learn from our very first Profit First guide, and leave your insights in the comment box.

Erin Moger has been a Profit First Professionals Guide since 2015, shortly after Profit First Professionals launched in Mike Michalowicz’s basement. Erin grew up as a child of an entrepreneur and has experienced entrepreneurship in a different light because of it. She decided to major in accounting because she saw this field as a way to help small business owners succeed.


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