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On this “best of” episode we talk with Ramon Ray about how to get media attention when you’re just starting out.  He urges us to distinguish what’s your story? Do you have something to share? Can you speak in sound-bites? How do you showcase your body of work?  He articulates how to catch the attention of the right people.  It all starts with showing up. Just show up for your local media and local events and meetings and then you have a foundation to build on. Welcome to episode 149 of the Grow My Accounting Practice Podcast.

Our Guest 

Ramon is passionate about helping small business entrepreneurs grow their businesses. He is an entrepreneur (started 4 companies and sold one), best selling author, journalist, event producer, speaker and event host.

Ramon is Small Business Evangelist, Infusionsoft and Editor of Smart Hustle Magazine. His third book is best seller “Facebook Guide to Small Business Marketing”.

Ramon has shared the stage with Seth Godin, Daymond John, Guy Kawasaki, Simon Sinek, Gary Vaynerchuk, JJ Ramberg, Peter Shankman and other celebrity entrepreneurs. He’s even interviewed President Obama in the President’s first live Google Hangout.

Ramon is not just an ivory tower geek, but as a former technology consultant has hands-on experience in a variety of technologies including social media, mobile computing, computer networks, online software and more. Ramon’s expertise is in small business technology, marketing, sales, business startup and his favorite is personal branding.

Over his extensive career, Ramon has written thousands of articles, spoken to thousands of business owners and impacted hundreds of thousands of small businesses to help their businesses thrive, using technology.

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