Nicole Bendig-Lamb: Profit First for a Cake Business

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Work your passion.

Nicole Bendig-Lamb followed her passion for creating cakes and educating people through being a cake business coach.

In this episode, she talks about handling pricing and time expectations for customers who have no basis for realism and controlling the costs in the cake industry too!

As a certified Profit First Professional, Nicole shares how she introduced Profit First to the cake industry and how becoming a PFP helps her businesses.

And, she shares her insights on how the accounting and bookkeeping industry better supports the baking industry.

Listen to this episode now, and don’t forget to let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

Cake has always been my passion, but it hasn’t always been my career. Like most cake artists, creating cakes as a side gig for friends and family had been part of my life forever! People would always say, “you should do this full-time, why don’t you?”. I would always say, I could never do that, or I’d never been able to make a living. Does this sound familiar?

When I finally got fed up with the B.S. story I was telling myself, I set a goal, did the work, and within a year and a half, I quit my day job and went all-in on my sweet business dreams!

A few months after going full-time with my cake business, I became the new owner of Cake Business School (formerly Angel Foods).

What makes me different from other Cake Business Coaches? Not only was I able to quit my day job, but I’ve also competed on Food Network, and I’m the ONLY Cake Business Coach who has achieved certification in Profit First and Fix This Next. In addition to my coaching services, I will guide you with the methods to significantly increase the profitability of your business.



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