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It’s hard to serve your clients when they think you are a commodity.

  • Do clients see you as just another accountant, bookkeeper, or coach?
  • Are you constantly competing on price?
  • Is the software you use actually becoming your competitor?

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What makes us different

Profit First Professionals is an exclusive community of accountants, bookkeepers and business coaches who are certified in the Profit First methodology to help their clients build highly profitable businesses.

A Profit First Professional is someone who is known as a strategic, trusted advisor and an integral part of their client’s business success. As a member you will leverage the most recognized profit brand in the world.

Meet the people who have become Profit First certified

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Within 6 months Susanne’s company has added on $104,579 in new revenue from Profit First clients alone. Most importantly, she loves being of service to her clients.

…now it’s your turn!

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Damon no longer struggles to make payroll or pay taxes. His company has experienced an increase in revenue and a massive jump in profitability – up 244% in year 1.

…now it’s your turn!

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Tracy has increased her company’s net income by more than 400%. And, her favorite part, she has more than doubled her personal monthly take home.

…now it’s your turn!

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Profit First Certification makes you the industry authority

Entrepreneurs need profit to achieve their goals!

The number one challenge facing business owners today is sustainable profit. They need your help to make it a reality.

Entrepreneurs trust the #1 brand in the world!

Profit First is the most recognized cash management tool in the world.

Entrepreneurs need you to do it right!

Entrepreneurs demand the expertise, direction and support that only a Profit First Professional can deliver.

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  • “Being a member has exceeded all of my expectations! My life and my business are running with more grace and ease, and less stress and struggle. I am now virtual and serve clients all over the country without even needing to leave my office.”
    Linda Brown
    Founder of Spire Business
  • “The support I have received has been life changing. My business has grown explosively. They have provided very professional ‘done-for-you’ documents that make selling my services much easier. I can’t speak more highly of any membership organization, ever.”
    Jeff Winger, CPA, EA
    Founder of Jeffrey D. Winger, CPA, An Accountancy Corporation
  • “Profit First Professionals is responsive and helpful when I have a new situation with a client. They share their years of experience in a variety of industries with me and my clients to ensure that we drive profitability for each client.”
    Owner of Bookskeep
  • “I spent years filling out forms and recording history for my clients. I knew there had to be a better way to enhance my clients’ financial situations. My solution was Profit First! From the day I joined Profit First Professionals, I knew that I was a part of something special.”
    Rob Foncannon
    Founder of Foncannon Tax & Financial Services
  • “Profit First Professionals go above and beyond in all aspects. The ‘behind the scenes crew’ produce documents, marketing material, coordinate sales, generate graphics – you name it. Everything is communicated in a professional and timely manner.”
    Jillian Verdun
    Founder of JVM Financial Services

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The Profit First Difference

Where It Began

Profit First, a concept penned by business author Mike Michalowicz, identifies that the natural behavior of entrepreneurs is not to regularly review their firm’s P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement. Instead most entrepreneurs manage their business via “bank balance accounting”, making gut-level decisions based on the cash in the bank.

Where It’s Going

Instead of trying to “break” the entrepreneur’s habit, Profit First leverages it. By implementing Profit First, entrepreneurs continue their “bank balance accounting” to skyrocket their profitability.

How does it work?

As a Profit First Professional, you will master all the core and advanced principles of Profit First.
  • First, you will go through online and personalized training to learn the foundation of the methodology.
  • Next, we will guide you through running Profit First in your own business and in your clients’ businesses.
  • Then, you will take the Profit First Professionals certification exam to finalize your training.
As a certified member, you will:
  • Stand out from the competition,
  • Dictate a premium price, and
  • Serve your clients like never before.

– Mike Michalowicz, Creator of Profit First

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Your powerful journey is about to begin. Discover what this means for you and your clients.

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Who should become a Profit First Professional?


Profit First is the perfect plugin to transition from traditional compliance accounting to modern value based consulting.

You no longer need to be the messenger of bad news – taxes. You can be the messenger of great news – more profit.


You have the most intimate relationship with entrepreneurs and their businesses.

Now you can direct them to the profit goals they’ve always dreamed of (and be valued by them accordingly).


Entrepreneurs historically hire coaches to get in, get it fixed, and get out. That’s not the case with Profit First.

Your coaching services will provide long-term benefits of increasing profits and the need to reengage your services to leverage the growing bottom line.

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When can I become a Profit First Professional?

Member Certification Begins
December 9, 2019
Member Certification Begins
March 2, 2020

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