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Elevate your impact, expand your reach. Confidently offer outsourced CFO services to small and mid-sized businesses.

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The path to becoming a Fractional CFO is not always a straight line

  • Have you tried to offer client advisory services with limited success?
  • Are you interested in adding Fractional CFO services to your business offerings but unsure where to start?
  • Do you long for a clear roadmap to guide you toward success in Fractional CFO services?


Become a Profit First ProfessionalFind a Profit First Professional

How we get there together

You know where you want to go and you’re just not sure how to get there. Maybe you don’t even know where to start. You need the right guide, the right gear, and the right group.

Profit First Professionals members get a whole guidebook that increases confidence and helps them avoid hazards and journey toward their goals. This is the framework that transforms their clients’ companies into highly profitable businesses, while becoming highly profitable themselves.

A Fractional CFO firm is a strategic, trusted Client Advisory Services provider and an integral part of their clients’ business journey to success. Members have access to all the education and resources you would expect from the most recognized profit brand in the world. Plus, you’ll get a supportive community that will help you achieve greater heights than you’ll reach going it alone.

Meet Your Fellow Profit First Professionals

Bill Litster

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“Profit first Professionals offered me the tools, a system, a structure that really enabled me to help my customers fix their cash flow problems and really achieve the dreams that they’re trying to achieve. That’s what I love about Profit First Professionals, it helped my clients, and it helped me in both personal life and business as well.”

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Masheka Turner

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“I have had so many great conversations and I have learned so much from this giving community. There are a lot of accounting communities out there, but I found that Profit First Professionals seems to be one of the most welcoming and really helps you focus on not just marketing, but actually, the business overall.”

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Christina Springstead

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“I came into this community and the benefit was that I found myself. I found a passion. I love my business! I love what I do! I love how it helps people. I thought it was kind of destined to live ‘playing small’ and through this community, I have realized I do not have to and that there is a place where I am wanted and appreciated.”

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You can do Big Things with the Right Guide, Gear, and Group

What you think it is
What it really is
And What it could be

Become a Profit First Professional Find a Profit First Professional

  • “Membership has been amazing because not only has it changed my life personally, but it’s changed my clients’ lives. They’re buying buildings, they’re becoming first generation millionaires. Sharing this system has significantly changed their lives in a way that I’m proud of too.”
    SUSANNE MARIGA The Mariga Group LLC
  • “My biggest success is myself and my firm. When we joined, we jumped in with both feet. In our first year, we were up 187% in net profit! And, even better than that, is that I’ve had that same growth experience with all of my clients.”
    RACHEL SIEGEL Go Figure Accounting
  • “We joined because my team was afraid of taking on advisory. My team wanted a place where they could be supported and learn how to better advise our clients. The support and community that we found in PFP is a game changer.”
    DONNA LIM Sooter Consulting Inc.
  • “The success I’ve experienced is really simple. I don’t work as hard as I used to! You know, it’s really taught me how to be a better business owner and, as Mike says, a creator of jobs. So I’m doing less but making more. You really can’t beat that.”
    DARREN CIOFFI CBMS Consulting Services
  • “I’ve been coaching dentists for a long time. I was well respected and trusted in the industry as a coach, as a consultant. But when I started doing Profit First, they knew I had something different. Those first few clients saw the success and started giving me testimonials. I knew at that moment I had something very special.”
    BARB STACKHOUSE More to Life Coaching

Learn how to strategically add more advisory into your firm and charge more for the expertise you bring to your clients.

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The Profit First Professionals Difference

Where It Began

Profit First Professionals was created in 2014 to help accounting, bookkeeping, and business coaching firms like yours escape the compliance trap and start making more of a difference for their clients. Using the principles documented in the book, Profit First, co-founders Ron Saharyan and Mike Michalowicz created a one-of-a-kind membership organization. Profit First Professionals members soon became highly sought after providers of strategic financial, operational, and personal guidance for business owners around the world.

Where It’s Going

Profit First Professionals members continue to grow their firms’ reputations as elite professionals. By leveraging the education and resources provided through membership, they build thriving, highly profitable businesses for themselves and their customers. Certified Profit First Professionals have become influential authors, podcast hosts and guests, bloggers, radio hosts, and can often be seen on television. Global membership has now exceeded 500 members in nearly 25 countries…and those numbers are growing daily, showcasing the remarkable success of certified professionals in building lucrative Fractional CFO businesses.

Your journey to becoming a Fractional CFO is about to begin. Discover what this means for you and your clients.

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Who should become a Fractional CFO firm?

Accounting Firms

Profit First is the perfect plugin to transition from a traditional compliance accounting firm to a modern value-based Fractional CFO firm.

You no longer need to be the messenger of bad news – taxes. You can be the messenger of great news – more profit.
Bookkeeping Firms

You have the most intimate relationship with business owners and their financial information.

Now you can direct them to the profit goals they’ve always dreamed of (and be valued by them accordingly).
Coaching Firms

Business owners historically hire coaches to get in, get it fixed, and get out. That’s not the case with Profit First Professionals firms.

Your coaching services will provide long-term benefits of increasing profits and the need to reengage your services to leverage the growing bottom line.

Become a Profit First Professional Find a Profit First Professional