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Why should you consider working for the Profit First Professionals Homebase team?


Well, let us ask you this:
  • Do you thrive in a culture of ownership and accountability?
  • Are you a self-motivated self-starter who hates being micromanaged?
  • Do you want to make an impact beyond what you can accomplish on your own?
  • Are you just a teensy, tiny little bit zany?
Then you should consider working here!

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What we do

We support accountants, bookkeepers, and financial coaches as they become experts in the Profit First methodology and grow their profit advisory businesses. You can learn more about what we do and our “immutable laws” in this document.

Why We love working here

And, because we know people want to get a feel for who they would be working with, our Profit First Professionals Guides created a video for you (we didn’t even have to pay them extra to say these great things!)

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Whether you’re interested in becoming a Guide (that’s what we call the people who coach our members through certification and beyond) or are happier in an administrative role, if you think you might like working here we encourage you to apply now.

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