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Right GUIDE:

Every member gets a personal Guide who helps you to navigate the trail map to your success.

Right GEAR:

Certification courses and ongoing professional development is the Gear will ensure you reach the summit safely.

Right GROUP:

This Group of forward thinking, positive PFPs are there to offer encouragement and support all along the way.

Who should become a Profit First Professionals firm?

Accounting Firms

Bookkeeping Firms

Coaching Firms
Apply to become a Profit First Professionals firm if you have:
  • A love of the Profit First concepts and strategies and the desire to implement these into your clients’ businesses. (If not, we suggest you start with reading the book. Get yours here.)
  • An established bookkeeping, accounting or business coaching firm (with an existing client base and operational) for at least one year
  • A desire to increase CAS in your business guiding both you and your clients to peace and profitability
  • A passion for providing quality services that support your clients’ financial goals and growth
What Profit First Professionals membership is NOT:
  • Academic-only certification course to add to your collection of credentials
  • Training for newbie bookkeepers, accountants or coaching practitioners
  • Lead generation service where you pay for leads that blindly come from the internet
  • Work-from-home startup business opportunity

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  • PFP Certification Badge to prove you are an AUTHORIZED and Certified Profit First Professional.
  • Access to our live events, including the famed ProfitCON.
  • Acceptance into a select group of elite firms.
  • Access to Mike’s newest teachings.
  • Ongoing professional development to enhance your skills and to grow your practice.
  • Community. You are not alone. We are doing this together
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Meet Your Fellow PFPs

In the first year as a Profit First Mastery Member, Danielle generated $350,000 in revenue from Profit First referrals and established herself as an expert.

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Debra Cassera

Being PFPs gave Innate Potential Group the tools we needed to capture the attention of our audience and communicate in a way that inspired them to take action for a healthy financial future.

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Mark Coudray

In just 2 quarters, 5 of Mark’s 11 active clients had achieved over $1M in net profits. As a PFP, Mark’s firm was able to increase their fees over 60% plus a percentage of profit.

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