What’s In a Name?

You already provide advisory services to your clients. Cash flow management and forecasting are second nature to you. And, on top of that, you’ve read Profit First. So, why should you become a Certified Profit First Professional? Lessons from the pharmaceutical industry Tylenol. Benadryl. Claritin. These are well-known brand name drugs. So well-known, in fact, … Continue reading… “What’s In a Name?”

Let’s Make a Decision

We make thousands of decisions every day. “What should I wear today?” “How much should I charge for this service?” “Should I keep this client?” And then the one I love to hate: “What’s for dinner?” AARGH! Decision fatigue is real, and it impedes our ability to continue to make sound decisions. In fact, by … Continue reading… “Let’s Make a Decision”

Cash is King?

“Is cash king?” my friend asked me. With all the confidence in the world, I said, “Duh! Of course it is!” But then I started thinking about it. And I wondered… is cash really king? As you read this, you’re probably thinking, “Yes, Ron! Cash is king! It’s the blood that flows through the veins … Continue reading… “Cash is King?”

Decoding CAS

“CAS” is the buzzword du jour in the accounting industry. Short for “client advisory services,” it’s something all the experts are saying accountants should be offering. But aside from the decade-old “compliance is dead” argument, few are really telling accountants why they should be offering these advisory services. The value of CAS According to Amy … Continue reading… “Decoding CAS”

Making the Numbers Empathetic

Financial professionals get a bad rap. We’re seen as “numbers people” as opposed to “people people.” This reputation isn’t entirely unwarranted. We do like our numbers. Numbers don’t lie. They tell the story of a business without the emotional baggage. They cut through the “gut feelings” many business owners use to run their businesses. Numbers … Continue reading… “Making the Numbers Empathetic”

Dispelling the Top Five Myths About Profit First – A Bookkeeper’s Perspective

Profit First is a game changer for business owners. This cash management system helps entrepreneurs feel like they are in control of their finances, even if they don’t understand how to read their financial statements or have never gotten the hang of budgeting. But many accountants and bookkeepers are resistant to the Profit First methodology. … Continue reading… “Dispelling the Top Five Myths About Profit First – A Bookkeeper’s Perspective”