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Our dear friend Jody Padar is releasing her newest book, From Success to Significance: The Radical CPA Guide. In this episode we explore details from the book, including how to productize your practice, the most important way to create revenue streams, and to dictate the premium your accounting practice deserves. Welcome to Episode 139 of the GMAP Podcast!

Our Guest

Jody Padar is CEO and Principal of the New Vision CPA Group, a public accounting firm based in the Chicago area. Jody joined her father’s firm a decade ago, bringing her expertise in the areas of taxation, QuickBooks, and small business accounting. As one of the profession’s emerging thought leaders, Jody has transitioned New Vision to New Firm status—adopting advanced technologies and best practices that support web-based client services. This allows Jody to manage her firm at peak efficiency with transparency at the heart of all engagements. Jody and her team provide financial insight and practical strategies to their clients in real-time, not just at tax season. Jody not only leads New Vision CPA Group, but is also a highly sought after speaker and thought leader in the tax and accounting profession. She is the author of The Radical CPA: New Rules for the Future-Ready Firm, a book that sparked a movement within the accounting profession focusing on four tenets: cloud technology, social business, value pricing, and process.

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