How To Double Your Value With One Conversation with Debra Angilletta

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On this episode of the GMAP podcast we talk with Debra Angilletta. We discuss the sales conversation and restructure it in a way that you are bringing value.  The goal here is not to have a sales conversation but a service conversation. Debra walks us through the six steps to having an extraordinary service conversation that will get the client to say yes, or if it’s appropriate to actually say no, but no matter what always committing to the next step. That way you are always moving the sale along and bringing results to the clients throughout the entire process. Welcome to Episode 137 of the Grow My Accounting Practice.

Our Guest

Debra and her team of bookkeepers, accountants & digital marketers support CEO’s in growth stage IT and Engineering companies to improve profits so you can strengthen cash flow, maximize profits, and position yourself for a lifetime income, acquisition, or deeper impact in your marketplace. She puts her 20+ years of Wall Street finance and business strategy expertise to work for business owners, entrepreneurs and C-level executives. She’s a sought after speaker, author, facilitator & thought leader.  She is the presenter of popular programs such as “Profit First: The Business Owner’s Practical Guide To Big Profits And Paying Yourself First”.  She is the publisher behind “Accelerate: The Magazine” for entrepreneurs on the fast track to profits.

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