Mark Coudray: The Role of Gross Margin Timing on Profitability

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Mark Coudray is a Mastery Profit First Professional and a well-known business coach recognized for some pretty remarkable profitability results for his clients. In this episode, Mark shares his perspective on why so many small businesses struggle with profitability. He also explains the difference between Financial and Managerial Accounting and the use of Activity Based Accounting.

Mark Coudray elaborates on the main topic in this episode, “Gross Margin Timing” and its role in profitability.

A serial entrepreneur who started his first company 48 years ago (still running) at 19 with $200, Mark Coudray has built a global reputation for excellence in the specialty graphics industry. After achieving technical superiority, he changed focus in 2006 to develop optimized financial and marketing methods to make ANY company, in ANY market unique and highly profitable, no matter how commoditized the market is. This often involves “seeing” things differently.

Mark won the 2019 Profit First Professionals Member of the Year award, is a Specialty Graphic Imaging Association Lifetime Achievement Awardee, and is a Lifetime member Academy of Screen and Digital Printing Technologies.


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