Melissa Lynn Miranda, CPA: 2023 Top 50 Woodard Accounting Firm

Show Summary

In this episode of the Grow My Accounting Practice Podcast, we welcome Melissa Lynn Miranda, CPA, founder of Step By Step Accounting—a fully virtual and teaching-oriented accounting and advisory firm recently recognized as a Top 50 Woodard Accounting Firm. Melissa shares invaluable insights on building a systematized business that doesn’t solely depend on the business owner. She emphasizes the importance of starting with the end in mind when structuring an accounting firm, providing practical advice for long-term success.

The conversation delves into the crucial topic of entrepreneurial mental health, shedding light on the challenges many business owners face and offering strategies to maintain a healthy mindset. Melissa also explores how effective communication skills play a pivotal role in guiding clients step by step through their financial journey. Tune in to gain actionable tips and a fresh perspective on creating a sustainable and client-centric accounting practice.

Join us as we learn from Melissa’s expertise and discover innovative approaches to enhance both business operations and client relationships in the accounting world.

Melissa is a business owner, CPA, speaker, wife and mom who is passionate about guiding owners through their entrepreneurial journeys. She owns Step By Step Accounting, a fully virtual, teaching-oriented accounting and advisory firm which was recently named a Top 50 Woodard Accounting Firm. When she isnt keeping financial ducks in a row, you will find her reading, singing or traveling.


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