Penny Breslin: Outsourcing Accounting and Bookkeeping

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In this episode, Penny Breslin shares how and why she started outsourcing accountants and bookkeepers. She started outsourcing in 1999 when the technology wasn’t as advanced as today. She experienced how technology has changed over the years, which she also discusses with us in today’s episode.

Missteps are inevitable in businesses. Penny shares with us some of the mistakes accounting and bookkeeping firms are doing when they are trying to work with an outsourced provider.

Penny has organized internal systems and processes to go for her employees, which is very significant to the company’s success.

Penny Breslin is the founder of MoneyPenny, a consulting firm specializing in helping accounting firms and other businesses embrace the power of technology to simplify their operations and increase their profit margins.

Drawing on her years of experience and her knowledge of what it takes to run a successful business, Penny oversees the development of back office processes for her client firms. From the initial evaluation of the firm’s workflow, to technology selection, to assisting in the on-boarding of the firm’s clients, Penny works with her clients to maximize the benefits of a paperless and cloud-based firm.

Penny has been recognized by Worldwide Who’s Who for showing dedication, leadership, and excellence in providing quality consulting services to an international clientele made up of CPA firms and other businesses.

Penny holds a Master of Business Administration in Global Management and is a member of the Intuit Pro-Advisor Group, is a Xero Certified Advisor, a member of the Wave Pro Network, and a FreshBooks consultant. She has also co-authored the book, “CFO Services for the Accounting Firm: How to Start.” A firm believer in being able to work from anywhere, you’ll often find Penny running her business on the beach after a morning surf session. She’s also an avid supporter of Meals on Wheels and Oxfam.



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