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It’s about time you get out there are start speaking! The question is how do you get started, and how do you do a good job at it, and how do you make sales throughout? Marcus Sheridan joins us in episode 144 of GMAP, explaining the secrets to profitable and effective selling from the stage.

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Called a “Web Marketing Guru” by the New York Times, Marcus Sheridan’s story has been featured in multiple business books and publications around the world, and his own book, They Ask You Answer, was named the “#1 Marketing Book to read of 2017 by Mashable.”

As a Vistage speaker, Sheridan won the 2014 Members Choice award and has been rated in the top 5% of all speakers since that time. Today, Sheridan owns a digital sales and marketing agency that specializes in helping businesses—B2B and B2C—become the most trusted voice in their space while embracing the power of Digital, Web Content, Video and more.

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