Susan Frew: Building Value In Companies

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Build your business to be sold, even if you don’t plan to sell it.

That concept is one that Susan Frew shares with her clients. Susan and her team help business owners understand their numbers that will set them on a path to increase the business’s value.

Susan shares the framework she uses with her clients as they look to potentially sell their business. She also details her journey to becoming a Profit First Professional.

The common mistakes business owners are making to improve their valuation will be shared by Susan in this episode too! Take care of your financials and use Profit First to ensure your operating budget is on track.

Don’t forget to put a little fun into whatever you do. You can connect with a lot more people when you are humorous than serious.

In her role as CEO, Susan Frew grew her company, Sunshine Home Services, by 535%, earning a coveted spot on the Inc5000 list and 43 other awards.

Susan is a former International GM with AT&T Wireless, Instructor for the SBAs national Emerging Leaders program, radio host of Coaching Not Just for Sports on ESPN radio in Denver, and Business Coaching Entrepreneur.

After a break to focus on Sunshine’s growth, Susan returned to her happy place as a Professional Speaker, Emcee, TEDx speaker, and results-driven business coach.

Susan encourages her audiences to Go Out on the Skinny Branches, the only place where real results occur. Susan is the author of Compete on Awesome, not on Price, helping other small entrepreneurs build their businesses and maintain healthy profits.

Susan has taken everything that she has learned (the good, the bad, and the ugly) about growing her company and then subsequently brought her company back from almost going down the drain (plumber humor)

Susan is the Director of Business Growth for Raincatcher, an INC 5000 list Business brokerage firm that helps Entrepreneurs buy and sell amazing companies.



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