T. Jayden Doye: How To Grow Your Accounting Practice

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Jayden has the gift of creating millionaires.

He shares in this episode how important it is to know your niche and your specialized skill, which will lead to business development. He also shares the most significant challenge he encountered in growing his firm.

Jayden spoke by his experience. Most entrepreneurs that lean into their traumatic experience and use their business to resolve that or move through it offer the most driven entrepreneurs because there’s a deeper purpose behind it. When you try to explore the traumas in your life, they will perhaps become a driving force for a very successful business.

Jayden is full of knowledge and offers us a bunch of game plans. Write it down, and do it.

Jayden was not always the financial guru that he is today. Growing up in a household just shy of the federal poverty line in Prince George’s County, Maryland, he knew the importance of money management but didn’t have the tools to create the financial stability he so desperately craved. After graduating Towson University with a B.S in Accounting and incurring a large amount of debt, Jayden was determined to make a change.

With a little hard work and A LOT of sacrifice, Jayden became independent, gained professional growth as an accountant at a small CPA firm in Atlanta, and became a Certified Public Accountant. Over the next years, he’s worked with clients in just about every industry — helping them not only expand their financial portfolios, but to create plans that ensure financial sustainability and minimize taxability.

As a CPA, Jayden’s goal is to help entrepreneurs like himself gain independence and create a unique action plan to bring more to their bottom line while paying less in taxes. Invest in yourself and start working with Jayden TODAY!





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