Kind Communication with Elizabeth Barry

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This week’s episode is all about kind communication. Elizabeth Barry is here to discuss how to speak directly but kindly. Find out how it will win you business and make you happier, on this episode of the Grow My Accounting Practice Podcast.

Our Guest

Elizabeth Barry is a communication expert, innovator and business strategist with over 20 years of consulting experience branding and rebranding startups and founding partners.

From an educational perspective, she’s taught leaders how to grow companies, how to build teams, how to be efficient and communicate effectively. From building her 6-figure marketing agency to selling over 1.2 million in digital sales to curating and hosting 17 TEDx events and raising hundreds of thousands of dollars in sponsorships over the years, Elizabeth makes a huge impact on the world around her.

Anyone under Elizabeth’s wing achieves real results. They take in Elizabeth’s charismatic, lovable, and highly accountable personality and walk away- blown away with what you’ve learned feeling accomplished and confident.

She’s the host of the podcast, BeyondEgo, and has authored two books, Own Your Vulnerability and The Kind Communicator, as well as hundreds of articles on LinkedIn. She will publish up to 3 new books through 2020 on vulnerability, communication and influence.

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