Adi Maor Siso: How to Grow Your Business by Understanding the Client’s Mindset

Show Summary Mindset is the most critical facet of success and failure. People tend to talk more about business tools but not personal development tools or personal power and mindset. Mindset makes a huge difference in success and failure. In this episode, Adi Maor Siso discusses the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset. She also stresses the importance of a visionary and an integrator in building a solid team. Adi shares how accounting, bookkeeping, and coaching firm owners can leverage the knowledge that she’s sharing to help them work with their customers.  The following questions are also answered in this podcast episode:
  1. What do we do when we have a lifetime of experience pointing in one direction, but we want to start taking a new one?
  2. Do we want to seek diversity when we surround ourselves with people, or do we seek a strong constant vantage point in a similar group?
  3. How do we surround ourselves with the right people?
  4. What are the tell-tale signs of having a fixed or growth mindset?
Listen now and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!     Adi Maor Siso is a High-Performance coach, working with creative, ambitious women on their growth and, of course – Profit. She is located in Israel and working worldwide online.   Facebook:

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