The Power of Testimonials with Alex Iwaniuk

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Testimonials, testimonials, testimonials.  That is actually how you grow a healthy business, through powerful testimonials. On this episode with Alex Iwaniuk, you will actually learn how to collect them and how to use them, not just to attract new prospects but to generate more sales with your existing clients. Alex shares all.

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Alex Iwaniuk is a software craftsman turned direct marketing consultant. For years, he struggled to create a stable lead source for his software freelance business. Most clients came to him via referrals. But this process was unpredictable and he had little influence on it. When he was working in the business, he was not working on his business. While searching for a way to create a stable lead source that would produce quality clients, he discovered Direct Response Marketing, DM for short. What got his attention  was DM’s main promise that all marketing is measurable. As a software engineer, it really appealed to him because it meant that marketing is more science than art. Now, he’s using DM methods to help Accounting Companies improve profitability by selling more to existing clients and generating better leads.

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