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In this episode of the Grow My Accounting Practice Podcast, we have Alison Lukin from Officially Social as our guest, delving into critical aspects of marketing and social media strategies for small businesses. The episode begins with an exciting partnership announcement with Profit First. This partnership provides a valuable opportunity for aligning business strategies with Profit First principles. A major focus is on the evolving landscape of social media and marketing budgets for small businesses. Alison highlights the recent trend of budget reductions and discussed strategies to navigate this challenge while maintaining a robust online presence. Alison emphasizes Officially Social’s custom quality content calendars, addressing budget constraints while delivering tailored, high-quality content—a solution for businesses aiming to enhance their social media presence effectively. Furthermore, the discussion explores the creation of branded calendars for businesses, including Profit First Professionals, offering a unique branding opportunity while providing valuable content to the audience. The episode also touches upon the transformative changes in social media over the past year, from shifting formats to evolving algorithms. Alison provides insights into the adjustments necessary for small business owners to stay relevant and succeed in this dynamic online landscape. Lastly, the conversation delves into the realm of artificial intelligence (AI) in social media, discussing leveraging AI for strategic advantages and highlighting potential risks. The discussion offers a balanced perspective on using AI as a powerful tool for growth, emphasizing the need for cautious and informed utilization. Overall, this episode provides a wealth of knowledge and actionable insights, covering vital aspects of marketing, social media, and the strategic collaboration with Profit First, offering a holistic approach to financial and online success for businesses.
Alison Lukin has been working as a freelance writer for over 18 years with clients ranging from marketing firms to yoga teachers. She loves the personality and fast pace of social networking. Its the perfect marriage of business marketing and creative writing that is essential for the modern freelance writer. Working with musicians, charities, educators, and other various businesses, shes learned to maximize this mode of communication for her clients. Managing social media since 2014, she made her business official in September 2019 with the formation of Officially Social. She currently resides in Boonton Township, NJ, with her husband and their two (stunning) children. Contact:
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