Alison Lukin: Using Social Media to Tell the Story of Your Business

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Working hand in hand with publicists, managers, and small businesses, Alison Lukin has gained a firm knowledge of what it takes to make marketing materials outstanding. Alison shares how to stand-out and be essential on social media, by being you and showing what your business is all about. Alison Lukin has been working as a freelance writer for over 15 years with clients ranging from marketing firms to yoga teachers. She loves the personality and fast pace of social networking. It’s the perfect marriage of business marketing and creative writing that is essential for the modern freelance writer. Working with musicians, charities, educators, and other various businesses, she’s learned to maximize this mode of communication for her clients. Managing social media for over 8 years, she made her business “official” in September 2019 with the formation of Officially Social. Website:

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