Alyssa Dillon: How to Stand Out (Best Of Episode)

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Are you frustrated with not being able to stand out in a sea of virtual coaches and accountants? In this “Best Of” episode, our guest Alyssa Dillon shares her story and explains how she uses authenticity to build relationships and differentiate herself. Note: This is a replay of Episode 191, which originally aired on 3/21/2019.   Alyssa Dillon is the CEO and Financial Consultant of AD Finance Manager. She is a proud mom of two and, though she’s always wanted to finish her Bachelor’s degree, she is proud to also own the unofficial title of “college dropout.” Alyssa has held many positions in leadership during her career in corporate America, including a position as a CFO for a major corporation. As a dreamer, Alyssa envisioned for years that she would own her own business. When “the perfect storm” occurred during her last corporate position, Alyssa followed her instincts, and quit. Alyssa attributes her success in business to her genuine passion for helping people and seeing others succeed around her.

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