Annette de Lancey: Using Profit First to Bring Clarity to Manufacturing Companies

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In this episode of the Grow My Accounting Podcast, Annette de Lancey, a seasoned expert in manufacturing business ownership and management, shares valuable insights. She highlights the stark differences between service and manufacturing businesses, emphasizing the importance of profitability for growth and scalability. Annette’s expertise covers both in-house manufacturing and outsourcing, providing listeners with a comprehensive understanding of the industry. Annette delves into the unique challenges and opportunities when working with manufacturing clients, emphasizing the significance of effectively managing costs and optimizing profit margins. She highlights the critical role of the cost of goods sold (COGS) in manufacturing operations and how it impacts financial health. Additionally, Annette discusses the value of collaboration, showcasing her successful partnership with Jason Snyder, a PFP Mastery Member, in creating a captivating livecast/podcast. Together, they explore unconventional promotional opportunities that can help manufacturing businesses stand out. Tune in to this episode of the Grow My Accounting Podcast to gain valuable insights from Annette de Lancey on navigating the manufacturing business landscape. Her expertise and practical advice will equip accounting professionals and business owners with the knowledge needed to thrive in this specialized industry.
Annette de Lancey is a career entrepreneur and manufacturer. She is also the Founder and CEO of CastCoverz! They make fun and functional products for orthopedic patients. She is also the Founder and CEO of She Makes Products. They help women business owners who manufacture their products break-through the 6-figure revenue barrier profitability so they can grow and scale and have fun doing it. Annette is a former vineyard owner, raised her children in a barn, used every life insurance available with the exception of life insurance. She is a SCORE mentor, Certified Profit First Professionals, One Page Business Plan Consultant, Fix This Next Advisor, Ecommerce Fuel Manufacturing Expert, Co-Host of “The Profitable Manufacturer” show with Profit First Mastery Member Jason Snider. A mom and a new Nana! Annette is also a cancer and divorce survivor thriver.
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