Ariel Averbuch: Mar-CARE-ting – Marketing Aligned With Your Values

Show Summary

You know you need to market and sell in order to stay in business, but how can you do that without being salesy or manipulative? With mar-care-ting! Today’s guest, Ariel Averbuch, shares the Mar-care-ting method he developed and how he has used it to help thousands of business owners discover a different way to market their businesses easily and effectively.

Ariel Averbuch is the first – and currently ONLY – Certified Profit First Professional in Israel. Ariel has been guiding entrepreneurs and business owners for a decade now, specifically teaching unique and innovative methods of marketing and selling without being salesy or pushy. In addition to being an entrepreneur, patent attorney, attorney at law, pharmacist, and business consultant, Ariel is also the author of the book “Patent In the Palm Of Your Hand” and is a sought-after motivational speaker.


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