Arron Bennett: Profit First and Tax Planning for Large Companies

Show Summary
Charge more and get paid for your expertise. This is what our guest, Arron Bennett, has been doing in his business: he charges more for his expertise. He wants you to know that Profit First concepts are not only applicable to small businesses.  Arron has been implementing the system in larger companies, and he’s going to share the how, why and where when it comes to bringing these concepts to life in larger businesses. Finally, Arron shares some client transformation stories.  You know your processes are effective when you hear directly from them about the financial changes they experience when you, as the advisor, take charge and implement these systems.
Listen to this podcast now, and don’t forget to leave your comments!     Arron Bennett has led an impressive career, helping over 600 businesses remain profitable by optimizing their cash flows, decreasing their tax liability, and adequately organizing and analyzing their financial data. Serving as the Owner at Bennett Financials, Arron plays a major role in client acquisition and planning, implementation, managing, and running of all the finance activities for his clients, including business planning, budgeting, forecasting, and negotiations. Prior to his current role, Arron worked as an Accountant managing a team of 35 while also developing internal procedures to streamline communication and efficiency. Arron mentors start-up entrepreneurs in accounting in his spare time at GigLoft, a non-profit organization. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Swinburne University and currently resides in Tennessee.     Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram: Corporate Partner:

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