Barb Stackhouse: Profit First for Dentists

Show Summary “You have to set your goal.” In this episode, Barb Stackhouse discusses her thoughts on launching her first book, Profit First for Dentists, and the reasons why dentists need a book on Profit First. Barb also shares how to control or make profitable decisions in the dental industry and talks about the pushbacks she had when introducing the Profit First cashflow system to the dentists. She leaves a piece of advice for accountants and bookkeepers on what they can do to help or support the dental industry better. Listen now and let us know your thoughts on the comment box below!   Barb Stackhouse puts relationships and the success of others at the heart of all she does. Her focus is on teaching dentists the simple skills required for a highly profitable practice. Her profitability model utilizes the Profit First System. Barb is the Co-Author of Profit First for Dentists with Drew Hinricks. The bottom line is this: Barb knows the ins and outs of running a busy dental practice. She loves taking what might seem complex to some and making it simple.   Websites:

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