Barbara Schreihans: How to Start or Manage Your Business During the COVID Pandemic

Show Summary

In this episode, Barbara Schreihans talks about how she markets her business in social media – solely focusing on one platform – and stays consistent. She also shares some of the reasons why people are attracted to larger accounting firms. Barbara ends this episode with the dos and don’ts of starting a new business and/or moving your business online, including creating a clear communication plan. Over-communicate with clients and let them know that you’re thinking about them all the time.   Barbara Schreihans started her journey by working at many different accounting firms. She noticed that those firms were lacking in customer service and tax strategies. Barbara decided to take a risk of her own and start her own accounting business with the main goal of implementing strategies for clients to reduce the tax impact on themselves and their businesses. She now provides clients her services through tax strategy, tax preparation, and business intensives. Barbara’s goal is to customize these three services and implement strategies for clients to reduce tax impact for their businesses.   Website: Facebook: Instagram:   Twitter:

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