Blake Oliver: Technology Trends Changing The Accounting Profession

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Get a Continuing Professional Education (CPE) by listening to podcasts! In this episode, Blake Oliver shares how to earn CPE credit by listening to podcasts. They wrap pre-recorded content in a course that complies with the requirements of NASBA. Listeners can download the Earmark app, listen to the episode, and then take a multiple-choice quiz based on what they learned from the podcast episode to verify that they listened, and a certificate will be sent to them. To meet the qualitative standard for CPE, Blake discusses what it has to improve. He stresses that professional competency doesn’t have to be all about accounting or tax. It could be anything that makes a person a better professional. Earmark also take users submitted content. It is not them creating all of the courses. One of the benefits of CPE is that you can teach anything. You can teach the modern flavor of accounting. Blake also shares the benefits for the sender of the CPE and the recipient’s benefit of the CPE. Blake would like to explore more with earmark to figure out how they can develop their own accounting standards for small businesses. All that and more in this episode! Listen now!     Blake Oliver, CPA, is an accountant, entrepreneur, and podcaster specializing in technology. He is one of Accounting Todays Top 100 Most Influential People and has been named a 40 Under 40 in the accounting profession by CPA Practice Advisor. Blake is the creator of Earmark CPE, an app that offers NASBA-approved CPE for listening to your favorite accounting and tax podcasts. He also co-hosts the Cloud Accounting Podcast, a Top 50 Business News show on the Apple charts and the most popular podcast for accountants and bookkeepers globally. He lives in Scottsdale, Arizona, where he likes to hike in the winter and swim in the summer.     Websites:   Corporate Partner:

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