Brandy Derrick: The Journey to an Award-Winning Virtual Bookkeeping Firm

Show Summary
In today’s episode of the Grow My Accounting Practice Podcast, we welcome Brandy Derrick, a Certified Digital Bookkeeper and the owner of Legal Ease Bookkeeping. Brandy shares her insights on the concept of Masterminds, explaining what they are and how they can be a powerful tool for professional growth. A Mastermind is essentially a group of like-minded individuals who meet regularly to share knowledge, provide support, and hold each other accountable in achieving their goals. Brandy provides a comprehensive overview of how Masterminds function and the various formats they can take. Brandy delves into her personal experiences, highlighting how being part of Masterminds has significantly contributed to the growth of her business. She discusses specific examples of how the collective wisdom and encouragement from her Mastermind groups have helped her overcome challenges, implement new strategies, and expand her services. Brandy emphasizes the invaluable networking opportunities and the sense of community that Masterminds offer, which have played a crucial role in her professional development. Beyond business growth, Brandy also reflects on the personal benefits of participating in Masterminds. She shares how these groups have fostered her personal development, improved her leadership skills, and boosted her confidence. Additionally, Brandy provides practical advice on how to start a Mastermind, including tips on selecting the right members and setting clear objectives. She also candidly discusses some common problems with Masterminds, such as group dynamics and maintaining consistency, and offers solutions to navigate these challenges effectively. Tune in to learn how Masterminds can be a game-changer for both your business and personal growth.
Brandy Derrick is a Certified Digital Bookkeeper and the owner of Legal Ease Bookkeeping, which has specialized in helping law practices with their bookkeeping since 2016. She and her team work virtually with attorneys all over the United States to ensure they stay in line with bar association rules, reduce the time law firms spend on bookkeeping, and make attorneys’ lives easier. Brandy is also part of the QuickBooks Trainer Writer Network and Woodard’s Instructor Writer Coalition, where she teaches other bookkeepers how to work with law practices and QuickBooks Online.  

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