Brian Gregory: How to Find the Emotion That’s Necessary to Sell

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Most of the time, people buy based on emotion and not on logic. You have to understand the emotions that make people buy. The companies that know their emotional formulas are doing way better than those who are guessing on it. In this episode, Brian Gregory shares what the personality of business means and why it is important. He also discusses the ADMANITY® Protocol and how it can help any accounting business by showing them how their brand will psychologically need to be presented so that others desire to engage them.     Brian Gregory is the Founder and CEO of and creator of the breakthrough algorithm behind The ADMANITY Protocol. ADMANITY® is the first company to create an online test and predictive emotional algorithm to determine the best emotional advertising strategy for any business – in any niche. The 5-minute, simple ADMANITY® Test isolates one of 15 emotional archetypes best suited for the business. The ADMANITY® Protocol is the only algorithm that can identify a company’s emotional archetype and then identify the advertising strategies, tactics, formulas – even copywriting tactics. It gives agency-level recommendations that the brand can use for years to come. Brian is a former 20-year owner/publisher of large, citywide magazines in the Phoenix market as well as an expert in direct selling. In addition to creating ADMANITY’s algorithm for The ADMANITY® Protocol and its testing platform, he has written over 2,000 pages of ADMANITY® curriculum and training materials as well as being the author of the book Sheep Don’t Eat Complicated Grass! Brian is considered an expert on the topic of emotional marketing and advertising tactics and is a skilled, entertaining public speaker.   Website:

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