Cheri D. Andrews, Esq: Legal Aspects of Running a Business Properly

Show Summary
In this episode of the Grow My Accounting Practice Podcast, Cheri Andrews, Esq, illuminates key aspects crucial for establishing and managing a business entity. She emphasizes the critical nature of creating a separate legal entity for businesses, outlining its impact on various business facets. Cheri discusses the importance of assembling a proficient team with advisors who specialize in complementing one’s areas of expertise. Staying within one’s “zone of genius” is highlighted as essential for business success. She underscores the significance of contractual agreements and engagement letters, detailing their role in defining relationships and minimizing risks in business dealings. Additionally, Cheri delves into the compliance requirements for email and website marketing. She elucidates the legal obligations businesses need to heed when engaging in marketing through these platforms. Protecting business names and avoiding potential rebranding concerns was also an area of focus, guiding listeners on strategies to safeguard business identities effectively.
This episode is a rich source of legal insights, offering actionable advice for accounting professionals and business owners navigating the complex realm of business operations and legal compliance. The content covers vital legal considerations fundamental for fostering business success and compliance.
Cheri Andrews is a small business and trademark attorney. Using flat rate and subscription pricing that takes the fear out of legal fees, Cheri works with women owned small businesses to ensure their business is legally protected, compliant, and positioned for success. In her best-selling book Smooth Sailing, A Practical Guide to Legally Protecting Your Business, Cheri shares her expertise in business formation, contracts, compliance, copyrights, and trademarks. Cheri was recently honored as “Law Firm of the Year” by Philadelphia Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts. Cheri loves traveling, reading, digital scrapbooking, and mixed media art.

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