Chris Burns: Why Choosing the Right Cybersecurity Partner Is Your Biggest Business Decision for 2024

Show Summary
In today’s GMAP podcast episode, Chris Burns, the founder of Your Cyber Team, delves into the critical topic of selecting the right cybersecurity partner as your paramount business decision for 2024. He underscores the mounting intricacy of cyber threats, emphasizing the importance of a robust defense strategy. Discussing the evolving regulatory landscape, he highlights the need for businesses to stay compliant and navigate legal requirements effectively. Chris delves into the substantial financial and reputational consequences of cyber breaches, underscoring the dire need for proactive cybersecurity measures. He emphasizes that cyber resilience is no longer optional but a fundamental business imperative, asserting the significance of future-proofing and scalability in safeguarding an organization’s digital assets against evolving threats and challenges.
  In 2008, Chris Burns founded Techie Gurus to provide cybersecurity-focused IT solutions for small and medium businesses. In 2023, to better reflect the company’s mission and commitment to its clients, Techie Gurus underwent a rebranding and emerged as “Your Cyber Team.” The new name signifies the personalized and dedicated partnership they offer, ensuring that each client’s unique IT and cybersecurity needs are met with the highest level of expertise and attention. With over 20 years of experience and more than 50 IT certifications, including the coveted Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP) certification, Chris is a respected authority and three times author in the cybersecurity field. He has worked with various enterprises, government agencies, and media outlets. He helps businesses understand and manage their cyber risks with a proactive strategy that protects their assets and reputation.
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