Chris Ducker: Multiple Streams of Income

Show Summary Start doing something and be consistent. Hone your expertise and talk about it more because that’s how people will know you. Be you all out! In this episode, Chris Ducker shares with us why we need multiple steams of income. Chris says that he is a big believer that if you are building a business based around your expertise, skill set, ultimately know for within your industry, it is just smart to have several different revenues of income. He also discusses the 6 Income Heroes he shared when he spoke at ProfitCon. Learn more tips about having multiple streams of income by listening to this episode!

Chris Ducker is a serial entrepreneur and author of the bestselling books, Virtual Freedom and more recently, Rise of the Youpreneur. Based in Cambridge, England, Chris owns and operates several businesses, including the VA recruiting hub, and the personal brand education company He employs over 350 full-time employees around the world and is regarded as one of the top experts in the world on the subjects of virtual staffing and scaling an expert business.

Chris has been a trusted international business coach, keynote speaker and podcaster since 2010 and currently spends most of his time mentoring successful entrepreneurs, as well as investing in and advising startup companies. He publishes new training content weekly at and can be followed on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
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