Christina Springstead: Doing It Scared

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In the beginning, it was very hard for Christina to reconcile service and business because she wanted to serve and help people. It was difficult to equate that with a billable amount – charging someone for helping them when she was unsure of her own value. The notion of “let me help you because I was blessed with this skillset, but let me charge you for it” didn’t feel like a natural fit. Initially, Christina took on many clients whom she loved, and each lesson was valuable, but she didn’t charge what she was worth. She worked tirelessly for minimal compensation. What she failed to recognize was that while she was focused on serving others, she had a commitment to her family that she was inadvertently neglecting. Our body’s internal response to fear and excitement is the same. Rather than always saying, “I’m scared,” Christina realized there was a part of her that felt excitement about the possibilities beyond fear. She recognized that her gut instinct was her guide. Sometimes we find ourselves in uncomfortable situations, shaking on the inside, and Christina decided that when that happens, it’s her cue to take action. Her gut instinct propels her forward, even in moments of fear. Embracing the feeling of doing it scared put Christina in a position to hire a full-time person. She is on the verge of achieving clockwork in her business, a reality she didn’t think was possible. It also allowed her to quickly address things she didn’t want to continue doing and work on finding an exit plan. It completely transformed her situation and enabled substantial growth.
Christina is dedicated to helping small business owners establish a stable financial foundation. With over 30 years of experience in various roles, she understands the unique challenges of balancing business and family. Her firm helps businesses optimize their profits and streamline their finances.  
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