Christine Nicholson: Building Your Business So You Can Sell It

Show Summary
Exit and succession planning specialist and author of the upcoming book SELL IT Christine Nicholson joins us to share her expertise on how to position a business for future sale to ensure owners receive the most value for their hard work, leaving none on the table, when it’s time to exit their business. Christine discusses the why, the when, and the how of preparing a business for sale, and the importance of having a realistic sense of the business’s value, an understanding the exit strategies available, and a plan for what comes next. You don’t want to miss this one!
I am Christine Nicholson, an author, speaker and award-winning Professional Business Mentor who works with multi-million turnover business owners of technology, engineering or product / services businesses. I’m UK Business Mentor of the Year 2020 and a Global Top 50 Woman in Accounting. I’ve appeared on BBC talking about business! Email:

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