Clint Pulver: Employee Retention

Show Summary In this episode, Clint Pulver talks about why management is the main reason why employees leave and why mentorship is the reason why employees love their jobs. He also shares the 4 different types of managers he discovered in his research and explains what a mentor manager is. Employees always want their efforts to be appreciated. With this being said, Clint discusses five ways to show appreciation and strategies to show recognition to employees. “The secret to happy workplaces isn’t spending more money. It’s about creating the conditions that allow employees to do their best work.” ― Ron Friedman     Clint Pulver is an Emmy Award-Winning Keynote Speaker and Author, professional drummer, but most importantly, a loving father to his two beautiful daughters. A former private pilot turned generational workforce expert, Clint has dedicated his professional career as the Undercover Millennial ™, uncovering the secrets to what leaders are doing right. In his new book, I LOVE IT HERE, Clint pulls back the curtain to reveal the research and unscripted truths of the 10,000+ employees he has interviewed undercover – which unveils the reasons for their lasting loyalty – and what triggers them to head for the exit door. Full of actionable strategies and proven methods to diminish employee turnover and skyrocket retention.   Website:

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