Clint White: How To Rebuild Your Brand

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A brand is forced, and that’s not what we want. We want to make a choice. Think of yourself as having a tattoo. Having a tattoo is a choice. It’s something you’ve chosen to express yourself that is relevant to you.

In this episode, Clint shares with us the established way to rebuild a brand. He gives us ideas on what are some of the steps to take to reframe our brand and how to get people to tattoo us on them.

Everything will lead down to finding a niche. Clint stresses in this episode to start finding a niche, and explore what you’re good at in the market to be able to rebuild your brand.

Learn more about Clint’s unique approach to business building and smart growth.

Clint White is that quiet English major from a small town who figured out how to decode the marketing world globally. He has 30 years of experience with business building, often in extremely challenging circumstances. He has guided some of the world’s largest, most impactful and ambitious mission-driven and equally profit-driven marketing teams. In addition to his role as a marketing consultant, he’s a teacher, advisor, investor, writer, and business-builder who drives innovative, dynamic businesses, nonprofit organizations and social impact enterprises to be the best version of themselves.

Recognized as a Crain’s New York Business Top Entrepreneur, he was also presented with a Communication Arts Award of Excellence, a Leadership Award for driving social change through media at the Social Impact Summit at the United Nations, and an International Davey Award. In addition, he also served as an advisor to the Obama White House Office of Public Engagement on Social Impact Media.

Clint is a consultant to companies and organizations that pique his interest. He created and co-hosts the podcast Tattoos, Not Brands. His first book by the same name is set to release in July 2022.




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