Craig Minter: Cashflow Forecasting with Profit First

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Cash flow can be a massive game changer when managed right but it can also be overwhelming. In this episode, Craig Minter shares how to simplify our understanding on cash flow.     Craig Minter is a CPA Accountant with 20 years experience working with organizations that have had turnover ranging from $20,000 to $200M in various industries across the world. Craig is also a Certified Profit First Professional, Fix This Next Advisor and Pumpkin Plan Strategist with his firm Mints CD Consulting being the only firm Australia wide trained and certified in each methodology. Craig has a strong awareness that cash flow is the number one issue facing most small businesses. And therefore shows the clients he works with how simple cash flow management can be, how they can feel in control of their cash flow at all times, and the freedom they can create with the increasing profits that result.   Websites: Profit First Cashflow Tool: The Profit Project: LinkedIn:

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