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In today’s insightful episode of the Grow My Accounting Practice podcast, we are thrilled to have Dan Richards, the Commercial Director of MyFirmsApp, sharing his insights. Dan emphasizes the crucial need for everyone in the accounting profession to be on the education and nurturing journey, fostering a rising tide effect in the industry.

Dan discusses the challenge of finding quality content, especially new material from trustworthy and experienced authors. The conversation unfolds the significance of a shared resource library, providing convenient access to valuable content for professionals juggling busy work and life schedules.

The episode also explores the pervasive failure-to-implement challenge faced by every firm. Dan stresses the importance of raising awareness among the entire team, not just the decision-makers, to effectively address this challenge. Recognizing Continuous Professional Development (CPD) as essential for everyone, Dan proposes a simplified approach to make CPD a seamless and beneficial aspect of every professional’s journey. Today’s episode offers valuable insights into navigating these challenges and fostering continuous improvement in the accounting profession.

Dan Richards has been involved in the accounting profession since 1998. Over that time, he has helped thousands of firms around the world generate new revenue, improve their marketing, and enhance their mobile and digital relationships with clients. His focus extends to catalyzing internal changes within firms that lead to success, and understanding the evolving expectations of both clients and staff. His pioneering efforts and longevity have positioned him as a key influencer in the accounting profession, making him an in-demand speaker and contributor highly regarded by both firms and the industry that supports them. The journey has been a significant – and ongoing – learning curve!



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