Danielle Mulvey: Introducing the Profit First Nation Podcast

Show Summary

Danielle Mulvey, host of the newly launched Profit First Nation Podcast, joins us to discuss the launch of the show and how she has been developing a community for the top 17% of entrepreneurs who leverage Profit First as their cash management strategy. Danielle takes listeners on deep dive’s of advanced Profit First strategies, celebrates Profit First success stories, and more.


Danielle is a Maverick entrepreneur who is not a fan of FaceBook. She is, however, a HUGE fan of numbers, metrics, analysis, and spreadsheets. Never one to follow the herd, Danielle is obsessed with delivering BIG RESULTS and always finding Maverick ways to delight and create the UNEXPECTED. (Maybe that is why she named her first company The Maverick Group in 1998!??!?!) 



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