David Cristello: Growing Your Firm

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What’s your future capacity look like? Let’s figure that out in this Grow My Accounting Practice podcast episode with David Cristello. He also explains in this episode the reality or the possibility of the “one-person, one-million dollar firm.” When starting your business, start with humble pie.     Jetpack Workflow is an award-winning SaaS platform that has defined the recurring client management software category for professional service firms. As a non-technical founder, David has had to rely on a unique blend of customer centric innovation and empathy to help presell and then grow the company from a spare bedroom idea to being ranked on the Inc5000 (#676) within 4 years. They now serve over 7,000 customers in 18+ countries, who collectively completed 5M+ client projects on time. In addition to their category creation, David also led innovative marketing strategies such as launching the most popular interview series (the Growing Your Firm podcast with over 725K downloads) and co-authored the best-selling book Double Your Accounting Firm.   Website:
jetpackworkflow.com LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook: @jetpackworkflow
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