David Richter: Profit First for Real Estate Investing

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“Cash is not king; cash flow is not king; CASH FLOW MANAGEMENT IS KING.” In this episode, David Richter shares his inspiration behind his new book, Profit First for Real Estate Investing. His goal is to help real estate investors stop living deal to deal and learn to manage their finances. He also discusses the fundamental changes or enhancements he made to the Profit First system for the Real Estate Investors. Grab a copy of David Richter’s Profit First for Real Estate Investing book, and listen to this podcast to learn more about it! Don’t forget to leave your comments below!
    David Richter is an active real estate investor. He has been essential in closing over 850 deals over the last seven years, including wholesale, turnkey, brrrr, owner finance, rentals, lease options, and any other exit strategy you can think of. While growing and building a real estate business from 5 deals a month to over 25 deals a month, he realized that as much money was coming in, it was going right out the door. With the unique opportunity of being in every seat as a real estate investor, he found a calling in the company’s finance seat to help businesses see where their money really went. David has helped real estate companies completely turn from going out of business to building cash reserves by using the Profit First cash flow system. He wrote Profit First for Real Estate Investors. This book is a derivative of the original Profit First by Mike Michalowicz that is tailored specifically for Real Estate Investors. His goal is to completely transform the Real Estate Investing industry regarding how real estate investors view their finances. He wants to bring investors true financial clarity and freedom and help every investor stop living deal to deal.     Website: www.simplecfosolutions.com Corporate Partner:

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