David Steininger: Self-Employment Sidekick

Show Summary
David Steininger, a guest on the Grow My Accounting Practice Podcast, shares valuable insights on various aspects of entrepreneurship. David discusses his journey of starting his business, highlighting the importance of taking small steps and making incremental improvements along the way. The episode continues where David explains the motivation behind Self-Employment Sidekick and emphasizes the significance of entrepreneurs having a sidekick or support system. He underscores the role of a supportive community in the success of entrepreneurs. He also explores common challenges faced when transitioning to full-time self-employment. David provides practical advice on overcoming these obstacles and shares strategies to navigate the path to entrepreneurship successfully. Next, David reveals one of the initial coaching steps he takes with his clients. He focuses on helping clients align their lifestyle with their business goals, ensuring a harmonious balance that leads to long-term success. Finally, David’s “Be Yourself for the Benefit of Others” segment delves into his personal obsession with Hawaiian pizza. This serves as a parable to highlight the value of authenticity. David encourages individuals to embrace their true selves, showcasing the positive impact it has on both personal and professional relationships. Overall, the podcast episode featuring David Steininger covers a wide range of topics including incremental improvements, the importance of community, overcoming obstacles in self-employment, aligning lifestyle and business goals, and the value of authenticity for personal and professional growth.
David Steininger is a freelance marketing consultant and host of Self-Employment Sidekick equipping new entrepreneurs to grow their side-gig into their central gig. From website design, video and podcast production, email, SEO, and robot poetry, Dave has provided marketing expertise to small businesses and nonprofits for over a decade. He enjoys board games, perfecting his pizza recipes, psycho-analyzing his extended family members with his wife, and reading out loud (voices and all) to his 3 boys before bed.  
Website: selfemploymentsidekick.com brerro.com Youtube: youtube.com/@selfemploymentsidekick Corporate Partner:

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