Debra Cassera: Focus on a Niche and Attract Clients

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Debra Cassera picked a niche 12 months back and as a result, her business is in its best position ever. Learn how to pick a niche, attract clients and dictate higher prices.

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Debra Cassera started her career in commercial lending and before she was 30 years old, she was CFO of a $100 million NASDAQ company. Eventually, she decided to open her own business which led her to meeting leaders in the chiropractic profession.  Now, armed with this double passion of business and chiropractic, she joined the team at CLA as CFO, and for her last 5 years at the company she served as President & CEO. She decided it was her mission to take her experience and develop a system to transform a practices finances, delivering both passion and profits first. Website:

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