Debra Cassera & Sabrina Pelech: Profit First for Chiropractors

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Writing a book is not easy. In this episode, Deb Cassera and Sabrina Pelech share their experience in writing the book Profit First for Chiropractors.

Deb and Sabrina talk about the different strengths they both have, which helped them complete the book and how it helped define what they do better individually. Writing a book is a long personal journey, and they were able to discover what they can and can’t do and learn about other people’s journeys along the way.

Debra Cassera and Sabrina Pelech, CPA, authors, speakers, and entrepreneurs. They co-founded Innate Potential, a firm which services businesses in the health and wellness industry, with a focus on chiropractic. Their passion for chiropractic comes from their own experiences of living the chiropractic lifestyle. Over the past 20+ years, they have helped business owners to prioritize profit, leverage the benefits of financial simplicity, and (re)gain economic peace.


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