Denise Grove: Practical and Easy Tips to Reduce the Probability of Business Fraud

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Learn the practical tips from today’s guest, Denise Grove, for the small to medium-sized business owners on how to catch the frauds and embezzlements before they go too far.

One of the questions that come to mind is why don’t people often report frauds? The reason is plain simple. They are embarrassed that they were caught off guard with usually someone very trusted. That’s why we have to TRUST BUT VERIFY.

When dumping responsibility to someone to not deal with money, business owners give an employee so much power, and the temptation will probably trigger an embezzlement situation.

Denise shares the practical tips or systems to TRUST AND VERIFY that business owners can implement. One of these tips is to have paper bank statements, paper credit card bills, and paper loan statements. Have it sent to the business owner’s home address or the person primarily responsible for the accounting or financial side of the business, and make sure they cannot get access to the envelope with all the paper files before the owner opens it.

Denise also discusses what to do when we catch someone who does fraudulent acts in our company.

This interesting episode has a lot of great tips to protect your businesses from embezzlements and frauds. Listen to this episode, and don’t forget to leave your insights below.

Denise guides improvements in financial literacy, sharing her wisdom gained with over 40 years of experience training and guiding others on critical financial areas such as cash flow, sustainable profitability, and improved financial results. Denise shares her down-to-earth practical insights for options, opportunities, and best practices combining her substantial experiences and education.

Her accomplished career spans a wide array of industries and organizations, blending Big Four KPMG public accounting, Fortune 500, and entrepreneurial hand-on experiences. As a firm founder and owner with a proactive listener and innovative thought leadership style, Denise’s approach adds immediate benefit by providing the most strategic, practical solutions to make immediate and long-term improvements. If Denise isn’t busy helping clients, teaching and volunteering, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling, or just relaxing at the lake, ocean, and nature.

Denise, a Georgia native, her husband, and their two rescue dogs live near Newnan, Georgia (outside Metro-Atlanta). Denise has the heart of a teacher and is incredibly impassioned to share her wisdom to help others, improve others’ financial intelligence, and “Do Good.”

Outside her part-time guide role – she is working to build an audience of business owners that want to improve the financial intelligence – especially women business owner and the women that run the money side of their family business.  Here in the USA – many times the husband goes out to do the work (think build the buildings) and the wife runs the office and the money.






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