Donnie Tuttle: Purpose Based Productivity

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Donnie Tuttle shares why he believes that every human being has the capability to live a life that is sustainable and enjoyable, through “Mapping Your Epic Purpose Quests,” a method to find purpose and to leverage the purpose you’ve already found. Special guest and Profit First’s newest Guide, Liz Szporn joins this week’s episode.

Our Guest

Donnie Tuttle is the sworn enemy of “The Grind.” He believes that sustainable, high productivity comes from purpose. As an adventurer, Donnie’s greatest joy and accomplishment has been traveling the hemisphere with his wife of 25 years and 8 children, and doing the impossible. Donnie is hoping to prove to others that they can have the life they want to have-RIGHT NOW. He is also the host of the Purpose Driven Executive Podcast & the Sell ANYWHERE Podcast.  Website:

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