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This week we talk with Mike Agugliaro about how your mind needs to change in order for your business to grow. One of the tips Mike shares is to ask yourself if you’ve been telling yourself lies about your business, and that’s what’s holding you back. This episode, you’ll also discover what happens when you decide to tell yourself the truth. Welcome to Episode 61 of Grow My Accounting Practice!

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For more than two decades, as the co-owner of New Jersey’s largest and respected home services company, Gold Medal Service, Mike has played a key role in building Gold Medal’s success. In the last 10 years, Mike’s business-growing acumen has taken the company from a business making less than $1 million a year — to making more than $24 million a year. Through his varied experiences — including founder of CEO Warrior, author of “The Secrets of Business Mastery”, speaker and publisher of Home ServiceMax magazine — he’s been successful mentoring and creating profitable business models and actionable processes for other businesses, both small and large. His goal is to dig deep and find a company’s sweet spot – through his management, operations, sales, marketing, goal-setting, communication, and personal coaching skills.

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